Advantages of Smoking Marijuana with Hookahs

smoking marijuana with hookahs

There are plenty of ways on how to consume the buds of your marijuana and enjoy its THC benefits. The most accessible way of consuming weed is through smoking. There are marijuana users who use the buds as edible, tea, and ointment. For a more efficient and fun marijuana consumption, using a hookah is the best option. Many marijuana smokers know that it would be awkward and stiffening if they would just smoke their marijuana at home while hiding in the cabinet or blanket fort.  With these hookahs, there is no need to do such hiding since there are hookahs for medical marijuana smoking that can be used without too much revelation and much attention.

What are hookahs?

Do not be fooled by its look and do not underestimate its capacity of giving you the marihuana high since it is an effective device for discreet marijuana smoking. This smoking device comes in various sizes. There are the traditional hookahs with large flask, compact hookahs with small flask, pocket hookahs that are mobile, and hookah pens that are handy. Hookahs are small, compact, and contained, making you put it in your pockets. The pocket hookah has a water container, ceramic bowl, one-piece aluminum foil, tongs, and an expandable hose. The charcoal container can hold up to twenty-two millimeters and comes in various designs that can match your personality.

Will smoking marihuana with hookahs will affect my mobility?

Traditional hookahs are ideal for the home since it is huge, but you can use the device with friends. For compact hookahs, it is small and handy but is preferred to be used at home. If you want marijuana smoking devices that will allow you to go to places, try smoking with pocket hookahs and hookah pens. You can now smoke your marijuana in a public space and where people can just see you as normal since pocket hookahs are mobile making it adjust to your time of needs when you have to smoke marijuana.

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Are there any health benefits when I smoked my marihuana with hookah?

In direct smoking, the buds are directly burned and directly transported to your body since there are no devices to act as a filter. With hookah smoking, despite the fact that the buds are burned, the complex yet easy device has filtering agents like the water and hose, making the smoke you have filtered.


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