Best Cannabis Strains for Treating Your Anxiety

marijuana strains for anxiety

Quite frequently, we are faced with everyday problems that give us something to think about. It is quite common to start worrying about the things surrounding us every once in a while. Whether it comes from loaded working hours, job presentations, interviews, or even schoolwork, there is no doubt that we all go through certain experiences of anxiety. As most of you may have heard, anxiety is a common mental condition that causes people to worry about certain happenings. Symptoms for this condition include restlessness, insomnia, stress, nausea, and sometimes even fatigue. Marijuana strains for anxiety.

There are also certain levels of anxiety that people experience. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) refers to the everyday nervousness and tense feelings that people experience. This may be caused by petty things such as stressful environments, side effects of certain medications, or financial problems. On the other hand, severe anxiety is the anxiety that a person feels due to more serious conditions. This is caused by things such as mental instability, traumatic experiences, or excessive drug abuse. Other forms of anxiety include obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobic disorders, social anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Marijuana and anxiety:

Because it is quite common for people to experience anxiety disorders, researches have come up with various methods of treating such conditions. Surprisingly, one of the most frequently used ways of mitigating a person’s anxiety level is through cannabis consumption. With the world slowly starting to embrace the said substance, the recent studies have shown great effectivity when it comes to using medical cannabis. 

Chemical compounds found in cannabis are referred to as cannabinoids. Cannabidiol is more commonly known as CBD whereas tetrahydrocannabinol is known as THC. These are the two primary compounds out of the hundreds found in a typical cannabis plant. CBD and certain doses of THC have proven to alleviate the levels of anxiety that a person experiences. But how does it work?

If you have smoked cannabis before, then you would completely understand the correlation between the two. Specific effects of marijuana smoking include:

  • Increased drowsiness
  • Uplifting thoughts and ideas
  • Relaxing and soothing body buzz
  • Releases tension and stress in the mind and body

As you can see, all of these effects are effective in battling any symptoms displayed by anxiety patients. The calming nature of consuming cannabis is inherently capable of reducing high levels of anxiety and stress, thus proving to be effective in dealing with such conditions. 

Best Marijuana strains for anxiety:

When choosing marijuana strains for anxiety, it is important to go for the ones that induce cerebral highs and uplifting thoughts. As such, Sativa-dominant strains are known to be more frequently used for anxiety. However, indica-dominant strains will also help soothe the mind and body while releasing any worries that you may have. Here are our picks of marijuana strains for anxiety:


We cannot have a list of marijuana strains used for medical purposes without including the ever famous Cannatonic. This medical marijuana strain contains a high CBD level and a respectable THC content of 12% and 7%, respectively. Widely regarded as the best ever medical strain, it induces a very relaxing and soothing high that can treat just about any common illness there is. This strain gives a very light-headed high that will induce some very positive thoughts and inject them into your mind. The moderate THC level also does great in giving a subtle yet calming high.

Strawberry Cough:

Strawberry Cough is a classic example of a THC-focused, electrifying strain that does well in alleviating a person’s anxiety levels. The high of this strain will keep users energized and uplifting, often causing a very euphoric and cerebral feeling that sends users into a state of pure bliss. The Strawberry Cough will instantly lift all your burdens off your shoulders. It has a CBD and THC levels of 0.5% and 21%, respectively. It relies mainly on its THC content to provide a very sharp and stinging high that pierces right through a person’s negative vibes. Medical patients who enjoy sweet and sour tastes will definitely love this strain. However, it does have the tendency to be quite powerful so be careful of the doses that you take in. 


The Harlequin marijuana strain is another CBD-rich strain that focuses on treating common conditions without being too overpowering. With a CBD level of 10% and a THC level of only 7%, the Harlequin marijuana strain is known primarily for inducing a very joyful and mood-enhancing high that people often use to fight off any strong feelings of depression and anxiety. As such, anyone who has a hard time coping with their high anxiety levels will find a good use for this strain. The Harlequin will definitely provide a nice, clear-headed high that drowns users in happiness and positive thoughts. 

Grand Daddy Purple

As many of you may have heard, Grand Daddy Purple is one of the most famous marijuana strains in the whole world today. This is mainly due to the versatility and flexibility of the strain in providing both recreational and medical value. Grand Daddy Purple contains a THC level of 20.5%. Because its CBD level is quite insignificant, it is a strain that relies mainly on THC-induced effects for its medical properties. Grand Daddy Purple produces a very heavy and full-bodied high that can soothe and relax just about every inch of your body. People who get worked up and fatigued may make use of this strain to refresh their minds and bring them back to their normal states.


A mix of the famous Cannatonic mentioned earlier and the CBD-rich strain Tsunami, the Canna-Tsu is a great all-around strain that does well in providing a subtle and mild body high that dismisses all the stress in your body. Any worries that are causing you anxiety will immediately be lifted off your shoulders as you puff away on this magical strain. This strain has a CBD level of 11% and a nice THC content that clocks in at around 8%. The nice balance of THC and CBD makes for a very pleasing and overall satisfying high.

Anxiety is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If, in fact, you are experiencing high levels of anxiety, then try out using some marijuana in order to alleviate the symptoms of this condition. While it is common for people to experience anxiety, leaving it unchecked can lead to more serious conditions such as depression. As such, it is always important to know your body and how it responds to certain treatments. Always use cannabis responsibly in order to avoid any unwarranted side effects. Happy smoking!

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