Bubblegum Kush and It’s Effects On Libido

best marijuana strains for sex

Bubble Gum Kush is a predominantly Indica strain with very relaxing effects and a tart flavor profile. This strain was a product of a crossbreed between Bubble gum and the OG kush. Created by Bulldog Seeds based in the Netherlands. It gives a high that tends to relax both the mind and body. The THC content of Bubble Kush is approximately between 14% and 23%. Bubble Gum Kush is one of the best marijuana strains for sex.

“This produces buds that are unmistakably Indica as they are “medium-sized and have a spindle-like shape, bulging at both ends in the middle but tapered. The leaves are dark yellowish-green and have brown and orange pistils woven around them.

This cannabis strain emits a strong citrusy aroma which is contrary to the expected bubblegum aroma. When lighted, it gives out a thick plume of smoke, usually inhibitive to the user causing coughing and producing teary eyes. But the taste is lemon-like in flavor.

Initially, it gives a slow crawling high until one realizes they are hit. A tingling sensation ensues, starting from the head then goes down to the whole body. It is usually associated with relieving muscle tensions and promotes the feeling of undescribed relaxation. This strain also gives out the feeling of increased sensitivity to touch making the user’s senses increase unexpectedly. 


There was no real scientific study conducted on the connection of cannabis to the increase in sexual desires. Most of the explanations are from first-hand experiences. The sedative effect of Bubble gum kush is best enjoyed at the end of the day.

Since this strain has a powerful relaxing quality, the user tends to let his guard down and inhibitions, including sexual, are usually lower. Thus the close association with this strain is a great love strain.

Speaking more on the psychological aspect of its effect, Bubble gum kush is considered one of the best marijuana strains for sex. Its effect puts the user in a calm sedative state, coupled with an escape from the daily stress of everyday life. These conditions make it more conducive for a good sexual episode. Some users claim that it enhanced their orgasms, although not scientifically proven. 

Consuming this weed is recommended with a partner if sexual tripping is desired as this sets the mindset of both users that Bubble gum kush is actually one of the best marijuana strains for sex. the tingling sensation both experience arouses the libido as selective touching increases that sexual desire. users also claim to experience a relaxed orgasm a compare to the normal ”tension fueled orgasm”  brought about by unplanned quickies.

Cannabis was known to release oxytocin, which is naturally released during sexual arousal and orgasms. Consumption of cannabis helps in triggering the release of sexual stimulants, thus the deep connection that cannabis is a natural sexual stimulant.  

Other intoxicating substances such as alcohol and other drugs are usually considered aphrodisiacs as they stimulate the sexual urges of the user. Hover, with weed, there is no need to worry about the  “morning-after effects usually connected with these intoxicating substances.

Further to this, here are six ways weed can be helpful in your sex life.

  • Cannabis Users Have More Sex!

It was found out that cannabis users (both men and women) have on average 20 percent more sex than those who don’t use marijuana.

  • Weed Lowers Inhibitions And Opens he user to new adventures

It was studied that our body has two prominent receptors with regard to weed consumption, CB1, and CB2, that are activated by cannabinoids. It is said that the “CB1 receptor seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria,” which explains scientifically why cannabis increases sexual bliss while lowering inhibitions.

  • Cannabis Increases Sensuality and Fosters Intimacy

Cannabis makes one feel more relaxed and less anxious. By reducing anxiety from sex weed allows the users to be more intimate and sensual with their sexual partner.

  • Weed Assists a Achieve an Orgasm (Or Orgasms)
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Unknown to certain adults, cannabis is closely associated with female libido. For several years now, marijuana has been prescribed as an aphrodisiac. It is a common phenomenon that their sexual libido is often diminished as women grow older. Many women claim that cannabis stimulates sexual stimuli, as stated.


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