Buy Marijuana Seeds in Wyoming

buy marijuana seeds in Wyoming

In the wonderful state of Wyoming, patients may seek the use of cannabis to treat severe epileptic conditions, due to the plant’s CBD. Wyoming’s laws do allow for use of hemp extracts that have at least 15% CBD for medicinal use, provided that they have no psychoactive activities. Those patients who plan to consume High-CBD medicinal marijuana must be accompanied by a prescription and are only available to those with registration cards. In this article, you will learn about being sell in Wyoming, now let’s buy marijuana seeds in Wyoming.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Wyoming

In Wyoming, CBD is used medically to treat the symptoms of epilepsy that are diagnosed as debilitating, or severe. In accordance with House Bill 32, they allow the “medical use of hemp extract….is composed of at least 15% CBD by weight; and … contains no other psychoactive substance.” Thus, any cannabis that is to be used, such as medical CBD, is to be prescribed by a neurologist and can only be given to certain patients that have registration cards.

Legal Status of Seeds

Marijuana seeds are legal to purchase all around the United States and are to be sold as novelties, collector’s items, and even for preservation purposes. Needless to say, it is not permitted to cultivate said seeds in Wyoming, and we highly encourage you to follow state laws and, if you are keen to purchase seeds, keep them as collectibles. 

Nature: What Cannabis is and its Strains

Cannabis strains can be divided into two groups, the ones with pure genetics of the genus Cannabis, and the one that is widely known, the hybrids that possess either that are composed of C. sativa, C. indica, and C. ruderalis. There are a lot of varieties that are mostly named by their growers and usually reflect the flavor, aroma, color, and origins. Cannabis is usually used recreationally and is gaining popularity as an organic alternative to most prescriptions with side effects.


When you’re looking for cannabis, you will see the words THC and CBD a lot. THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, while CBD means cannabidiol. These two are the most prevalent compounds that are in cannabis and are collectively called cannabinoids. There are around 80 variants of them in total and their baseline percentages are as follows: THC is between 10-30% while CBD would range at 0.1- 3%.

There are strains that can reach an abnormal range of CBD (since the higher the CBD percentage, the more potent it is) and have lower levels of THC. Although unusually, they do benefits in which they have little or no psychoactive effects, which THC is usually responsible for. As you remember, CBD doesn’t have any of the highs THC provides but actually counter its effects instead. That is why these strains are consumed by younger painters since there are studies that higher levels of THC can impede brain development.

Yes, We Have it 

If you’re looking to add more to your MJ seed collection for medicinal or novelty use, we’ve got your back! We have developed and made it our mission to keep our goods up to stand sans and high quality, at a decent price. We too have a myriad of strains to choose from, and whatever you need, we have just the right ones! We ship across the United States and many of Wyoming’s cities.  Now that you are able to familiarize let us spread that it is legal to buy marijuana seeds in Wyoming.

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