Common Marihuana Diseases and How to Cure Them


Marihuana diseases are among the most difficult problems that are often faced by marihuana growers. These diseases may even cause huge amounts of damage to the plants if they are not immediately treated. The good news is, these diseases may be identified early on and can be treated accordingly. At the same time, prevention of these diseases may also be implemented appropriately.

  • Spider Mites

This disease is generally the most popular pests that are found especially when growing marihuana in an indoor setting. When this disease is left untreated, it may kill your plant slowly. These mites may look like small dots which are found on the underside of the leaves. They also leave white spots on the upper part of the leaf. These spider webs may be detected if you spray the leaves and stems with water. In order to identify the spots, you may also use a magnifying lens to look at the spots closely.
Spider Mites may be treated by spraying your marihuana plants with pyrethrum or neem oil. An alternative solution is to put some lady bugs in the growing area because they will simply eat them up. Prevention may be done may making sure that your growing area is kept clean, including all your tools and equipment.

  • White Flies

Similar to spider mites, these white flies are also very common among marihuana plants. It particularly diminishes the chlorophyll of your plant, thereby stopping its growth. The white flies just look like white moths which lives on the underside of the leaves, causing similar damages like that of the spider mites, with yellowish and white spots on the tops of the leaves. They can be identified by gently shaking the plant, because they will fly out of the cover when shaken.
There are two basic ways that you can use to solve this problem. First, you may apply pyrethrum in every 5 to 10 days, and placing a fly tape on the pot of the plant. Another way is to use Encarisa Formosa, a tiny wasp which can lap these flies up. Putting two in every plant will be enough to remove all of them.

There are other diseases that you might notice in your plant. Get as much information as you can on these diseases, including the way to treat them. Eventually, you will learn how to avoid them accordingly.


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