Girl Scout Cookies: The Ultimate Stoner High

cookies marijuana strain

Deemed one of the most potent marijuana strains there is, the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain ranks up there as one of the best selling marijuana varieties ever. GSC, as it is known nowadays, has attained legendary status due to the long-lasting high it gives which usually lasts for hours.

A product of a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid, The Girl scout cookies marijuana strain didn’t stay long in its origin of creation, California. it spread across the U.S. and eventually internationally in no time due to its reputation as a hard hitter. 

Sometimes the girl scout cookies strain is also called Berner’s Cookies, from the rapper named Berner who claims to have created this cross. With its earthy and sweet aroma, users are lured to it. The smoke emitted by this Indica dominant strain, when lit, smells so sweet one is reminded of “dessert”. It has a relatively high THC content of 255 TO 28%, with a CBD content of  0.9%.

It is suggested to grow Girl scout cookies indoors. Its flowering time is about 10 weeks. This strain is also attractive because of its bright purple and green leaves that mix and twist around its deep green stems. It also produces plump buds surrounded by bright orange hairs.

This strain has won several Cannabis Cup awards because of the insanely powerful high it provides. It gives a feeling of ecstasy coupled with deep relaxation. The euphoric high it gives combined with the heavy stone it imparts makes this train a favorite among cannabis users.

Effects Of GSC Marijuana Strain

Feeling carefree and heavily bombed are appropriate descriptions associated with Girl scout cookies marijuana strain. This deep stoned feeling is due to its 60% Indica lineage. Once it hits, that floating sensation is followed by a warped outlook of reality.

GSC is more known for its chill and deep relaxing end of the day weed. although it may have some unexpected burst of energy, it is mostly the calming, couch-locked effect that takes over.

Medical Benefits Of GSC

The GSC marijuana strain, although sought after by hardcore recreational cannabis, is also highly pursued by a lot of medical cannabis users due to its deep calming, and head-clearing effects.

In states with legalized use of medical marijuana, this has been a bestseller. Dispensaries throughout these states often run out of stock due to its expanding popularity. Its high sedative results are used for treating the following conditions: 

  • inflammation
  • muscle tension and cramps 
  • chronic  and severe pain
  • stress, depression, and anxiety
  • headaches and migraines
  • nausea

Once consumed, relief is just minutes away. And the great thing about the GSC is its long-lasting effect, thus the patient enjoys a prolonged period of pain-free relaxation while in a trance-like state. This too is not only sought after in the US but internationally as well. Its popularity as a deep calming medical option has already reached global acceptance.

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