Cannabis Strain Review Guide: Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies marijuana

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known types of weed across the whole cannabis industry, the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain is a name that even beginner marijuana smokers will have heard of. With a legendary status that encompasses even the far corners of the cannabis world, the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain will really spice up your day with some tantalizing flavors and one of a kind high. Currently, the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain is one of the most sought after marijuana strains for both recreational and medical purposes due to its extremely versatile effects.

Named after one of America’s most beloved sweet treats, the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain will, in fact, remind you a whole lot about said treats. It will have just about anything that you would expect from a strain that is named “Girl Scout Cookies”: a rich chocolate flavor, some very subtle notes of mint, and some hard-hitting energy boosts that will make you feel like a kid with a sugar rush again. Let’s dive a little deeper into the details of this classic marijuana strain. 

What is the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain? Where does it come from?

The Girl Scout Cookies, also known as GSC for short, is an indica-dominant marijuana strain that is composed of 60% indica and 40% sativa. This strain comes from crossbreeding two extremely potent and premium marijuana strains: the ever famous Durban Poison and the iconic OG Kush. The genetic makeup of these two resulted in a killer strain that does well to represent both its parents. Much like many other descendants of the OG Kush, the Girl Scout Cookies were first developed and cultivated under the warm, sunny days of the Californian West Coast. As time passed, it didn’t take long for news about this strain to reach European and Asian countries, giving it the worldwide recognition it deserves. Today, it is widely considered as the most famous marijuana strain on the West Coast and the best-selling marijuana strain in the whole of North America.

The Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain, through its uniqueness and fame, was able to take home multiple awards and trophies throughout the years, including numerous High Times Cannabis Cup awards. The abnormally high-quality taste and overall performance of this strain has given it the opportunity to represent itself in both the recreational and medicinal scenes of the cannabis industry

Appearance and growing information of the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain:

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In terms of appearance, the Girl Scouts Cookies marijuana strain displays a balanced mix between indica and sativa influences. The plant grows up to a fairly medium height, often reaching around six to eight feet in height. Furthermore, the leaves and colas surrounding the marijuana plant are closely congested with one another, giving the plant structure a very compact and dense appearance. Despite this, the leaves of the GSC strain emit a bright green color, a characteristic that is commonly associated with sativa-dominant strains. Some shades of light purple coupled with trimming of bright orange hairs give the Girl Scout Cookies strain a very vibrant and unique look. 

When it comes to the cultivation of Girl Scout Cookies marijuana seeds, it isn’t particularly famous for being the most beginner-friendly marijuana strain. While it may require a certain degree of experience in cannabis cultivation, it isn’t something too overwhelming to do. This strain will demand a certain level of sunlight and warm climates during various stages of its life so growing it indoors in a controlled environment would be a much better choice. However, if you do live in a place that gets ample amounts of sunlight outdoors then this strain will bode fairly well in that climate.  

Common effects and medical properties of the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain:

The Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain imparts a great balance of both indica and sativa influences in its effects and highs. It is able to cause a very uplifting yet surprisingly soothing feeling that drapes over your whole body and mind. This strain is capable of giving users a very deep and relaxing body massage that sends strong buzzes from your head all the way down to your toes. Immediately afterward, you are hit with waves of cerebral euphoria that take you on a dreamy trip up in the clouds. The amazing full-bodied smoke that you get from lighting up a joint of this bad boy offers a very strong yet smooth. While it does give off a nice energetic high, smoking a lot of this strain may get users feeling numb and couch-locked for a few hours. The Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain boasts a 17% to 20% THC level.

While there isn’t much medical value leaning on its CBD level of 0.10%, the strong THC-induced effects make for a very therapeutic treatment especially for those who are experiencing certain degrees of chronic pain. By consuming the right amount, the high potency found in the Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain is ideal for relieving pressure and inflammation found in your body. It loosens your muscles while giving it a very calming and refreshing feeling. Additionally, the cerebral and uplifting effects are great for countering any symptoms of depression, anxiety, high-stress levels, and other mental conditions. If you plan on de-stressing after a long day at work, then this strain is perfect for you. 

The Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain is one of the most famous marijuana strains today and with good reason. The versatility and reliability that it brings to both recreational and medical users give it a slight edge over other strains in the same category. If you want to start growing your own GSC plants, then simply head down to Crop King Seedswebsite and purchase their version of Girl Scout Cookies now! They pride themselves in offering the best weed seeds at the most reasonable prices possible. They accept a number of payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa, BitCoin, and Cash. Canada-based customers may also avail of Interac payment. What are you waiting for? Buy now!


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