Cannabis Strain Review Guide: Green Crack

green crack marijuana strain

Often times, you can tell a lot about a cannabis strain based on the name that it is given. With the Green Crack marijuana strain, there certainly is no second guessing as to how hard and psychoactive this monstrosity of a strain hits. If you’re up to the challenge of taking on this strain, then by all means do so. This hard-hitting son of a gun will definitely satisfy all your THC cravings with just a few hits.

Green Crack definitely has everything that an avid marijuana fan would look for in a weed strain. From bountiful harvests, enticing flavors, to mind-boggling highs, Green Crack undoubtedly lives up to the reputation bestowed upon its shoulders. We will dissect this strain and see why it is so beloved and adored by many marijuana fans. Let’s get started:

What is the Green Crack marijuana strain? Where does it come from?

The Green Crack marijuana strain’s origins are often disputed among cannabis fans and enthusiasts. While some believe that it’s genetics trace back to the sunny mountains of Spain, the widely accepted version of Green Crack’s history is that it was first developed in Athens during the 1970s but a couple of unknown seed breeders. From there, they were brought to the United States for further research and propagation. The Green Crack marijuana strain comes from crossbreeding the two very pure and original landrace strains of Afghani and Skunk #1. This gives it a strong genetic makeup that consists of bold and durable traits. The “Crack” in its name comes from the strong, disorienting effects that the strain produces, similar to the feelings you get from consuming some other illegal substance.

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Originally called the “Cush” strain, it was later dubbed as Green Crack courtesy of legendary rapper and marijuana smoker Snoop Dogg. This was due to the intense and light-headed effects that he felt after sampling a joint of the Green Crack. If a strain is good enough to have even Snoop Dogg name it, then you know you’re getting the good stuff.

Appearance and growing information of the Green Crack marijuana strain:

The Green Crack marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid which displays all the typical traits and characteristics that you would expect from a cannabis sativa plant. It grows to a fairly medium height with stems and branches that fan out in all directions. The leaves of this strain display a pale green and yellow shade that is frequently seen in sativa strains. However, the buds are tightly packed and dense. These are filled to the brim with crystal-white trichomes that give it a very gloss and frosty look. Red and amber pistils form all around the colas, giving the plant a nice contrast in hues. When grown in slightly colder conditions, the Green Crack strain is capable of emitting a subtle purple shade in its leaves and buds. Green Crack is definite eye candy for those who are particularly fond of beautiful cannabis plants. Frequent trimming and topping this strain gives it the required maintenance to avoid any tangled stems and messy growing areas.

The Green Crack marijuana strain is often grown indoors as opposed to outdoor setups. Controlled patterns of light are required and the ideal temperature to bring out the purpleness of this strain is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, growers need to make sure that they have sufficient air circulation systems in place. The strong and durable branches of this strain do well to support the heavy buds grown. Additionally, it is fairly resistant to molds so you will not have to worry much about fungus and other viruses infecting your plants. The Green Crack marijuana strain has a very quick flowering period, often lasting only about 7 to 8 weeks after the vegetative stage. As such, growers can expect bountiful harvests around mid to late September.

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Flavors and aroma of the Green Crack marijuana strain:

    While Green Crack isn’t particularly known to provide flavors that are out of this world, it is still a very tasty and delicate strain. Despite the strong effects, the Green Crack marijuana strain actually produces a very citrusy and sweet taste. The fruity and herbal notes give this strain a very pleasant smoke with nothing too overwhelming. There is little to no irritation on the exhale. The smoke comes out very smooth and thick, giving users a nice full-bodied high. Once the smoke coats your palette, you are immediately introduced to a profound mix of spices and fruits, particularly mango. This cuts down any strong notes of bitterness that you may taste.

Of course, the smell of this strain mirrors the flavors very well. A nice earthiness is what users will typically smell. While there is a sort of diesel-like hint to it, the overall sweetness and citrus smells will ultimately be the primary qualities you will observe.

Common effects of the Green Crack marijuana strain:

    The Green Crack marijuana strain carries a THC level of around 17% with its CBD content not really being material. Once you take a few hits of the Green Crack marijuana strain, you are immediately hit with a sharp sting of energy and positivity. Anything you do would appear to be 10 times more interesting. It is a great mood enhancer, capable of making you a lot more talkative than usual. This makes it a great social strain to be passed around during one of your smoking sessions. It is a rather psychedelic strain, often altering your mind and causing a sort of dreamy disorientation that will keep you second guessing where you are.

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Additionally, the vibrant and euphoric high isn’t complete without filling your head with uplifting thoughts. You are automatically transported to a whole new place filled with trippy ideas and hazy thoughts. As such, the Green Crack marijuana strain is a great daytime choice for those who need to quickly blaze one up before starting their days. It is often considered as one of the best wake and bake strains out there.

Green Crack gives users a wonderful and psychedelic experience that will get them tripping out of their minds. Once you start smoking this strain, it will definitely become part of your regular rotation due to the uplifting effects and mood-enhancing qualities that it imparts. Green Crack is made readily available at Crop King Seeds. If you wish to purchase the best quality weed seeds of the Green Crack marijuana strain, then Crop King Seeds is the seed bank for you. With a guarantee of 80% germinated marijuana seeds, you will soon have the freshest batch of Green Crack marijuana plants in your cannabis garden.


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