Cannabis Strain Review Guide: Headband

headband marijuana strain

Out of all the marijuana strains out there, only a few can induce the same unique, mind-boggling high that you could get from the Headband marijuana strain. This classic type of weed will take you on a hazy adventure to a whole new world. Known primarily for inducing a strong mental sensation, the Headband marijuana strain provides users with long-lasting effects that are highly addicting. If you enjoy being tripped out of your mind, then the Headband marijuana strain is definitely for you.

With a genetic makeup that consists of the OG Kush and Sour Diesel, it is no wonder where the Headband strain gets its strength from. It is also one of the most widely cultivated weed seeds in US cannabis gardens. As one of the most premium and sought after strains in the cannabis market today, Headband is definitely going to be around for a long time. 

What is the Headband marijuana strain? Where does it come from?

The name of this strain actually comes from the immense pressure that users typically feel in their heads when smoking this strain. Because this strain wraps itself tightly around your temples with each puff, seed breeders settled for the name “Headband”. While its origins are often disputed among growers and enthusiasts, it is believed that the Headband marijuana strain was first developed by some seed breeders up in Colorado, USA. From there, it made its way down to the Californian West Coast where it thrives and prospers due to the sunny weather and warm climates. 

As stated above, the Headband marijuana strain is the genetic result of crossbreeding two very potent and hard-hitting strains: the OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The Headband marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that displays a balanced combination of physical and mental effects. This earned it a reputation that has made it a fan favorite among experienced marijuana users. As a descendant of the world-famous OG Kush, the Headband marijuana strain is primarily abundant in California. 

Appearance and growing information of the Headband marijuana strain:

The Headband marijuana strain gives off a very classic indica build. It grows into a very stout and bushy plant, often growing to just 2 to 3 feet. Because of this, it will not take up that much-growing space. However, the rustling and wide leaves of this strain may be a little untidy for some so it will require a bit of trimming and topping. The plant of this strain is often characterized by deep, dark green leaves and sturdy branches. Additionally, the frosty coating of the buds with crystal-white trichomes indicates the high potency levels that this strain could reach. Exposing the Headband marijuana strain to slightly cooler conditions will have the tendency to bring out a very subtle purple hue that coats both the leaves and buds of this strain. 

The Headband marijuana strain is a relatively easy strain to cultivate. The durability and sturdiness of its branches allow it to overcome strong winds that may otherwise destroy other strains. It is also fairly resistant to molds and diseases, making it ideal for outdoor setups just as much as indoor setups. The headband offers around 600 to 650 grams per square feet of the plant whether grown indoors or outdoors, making it a very generous yielder. However, it does take a while longer to fully flower and mature as compared to other strains in its class. The flowering period of Headband may last for up to 11 weeks. As such, growers can expect the harvest of this strain to take place around late October to early November. 

Flavors and aroma of the Headband marijuana strain:

As with most indica-dominant marijuana strains, the Headband will emit a very pungent and strong scent even during the early stages of flowering. Powerful notes of skunkiness and citrus will fill your nostrils as you start breaking apart these resinous buds. The bold aroma of the Headband marijuana strain, however, isn’t all that unpleasant. In fact, despite the strong diesel-like notes, it actually doesn’t do anything to make you tilt your head backward. 

The flavors of this strain mirror the smell very well. Also, the bold and full-bodied smoke with each inhales leaves just a tiny bit of irritation. What usually catches smokers off-guard is the sweet and tangy notes that this strain imparts. Subtle hints of creamy vanilla will delicately cover your tongue, making for a very well-balanced taste.  

Common effects of the Headband marijuana strain:

Even if this strain carries an almost balanced genotype, the Headband marijuana strain induces effects and highs that are strong on indica influences. With a THC content that clocks in at around 23%, you can bet that this hard-hitter will give you an out-of-body experience that will leave you tripping for many hours. The long-lasting cerebral effects of this strain may be too much for beginner smokers to handle. Once you take a hit of this strain, you are immediately introduced to a profoundly deep high that keeps you locked into one place. Additionally, the physical sensations of the Headband strain soothe your muscles into a drowsy state. The headband isn’t a strain that you should smoke if you have a lot of planning during the day. The sedating effects are often paired with a euphoric sensation that makes for the perfect chill session. 

Despite having little to no CBD level in its resinous buds, the Headband strain can still come up with some effective healing properties for medical patients out there. The potency of the Headband marijuana strain works well in mitigating mental conditions such as ADHD, depression, and anxiety. The calming sensations that users typically get work brilliantly for inducing sleep. As such, those patients who are experiencing severe insomnia will surely get a good night’s sleep out of this strain. While it isn’t particularly known as a physical strain, large doses of Headband may do well in treating any pain and discomfort that you may be experiencing in your bodies. The soothing and calming sensations will get your muscles feeling relaxed and refreshed as you wake up the next morning.

All in all, the Headband marijuana strain is definitely something users can try every now and then. It does well to deliver a new and unique experience if you want to steer away from the usual effects of some other strains. Because of the richness and potency of its buds, the Headband marijuana strain is definitely among the best smokes that you can get today.

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