How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

how to germinate marijuana seeds

How to germinate marijuana seeds? It is important to know and understand how to germinate marijuana seeds because it is where the life of a plant begins. There are a lot of ways of germinating your cannabis seeds. In this grow guide, we will discuss different ways to germinate your cannabis seeds, and also feature some strategies for you to make sure you get the best possible results.

Factors How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

  • Moisture – do not soak just keep it moist!
  • Warmth – keep things warm but not too hot. Think of it as springtime. Germination takes longer in cooler temperatures, but seeds can surely germinate in cooler temperatures. 
  • Peace – your seeds need to be along while you are waiting for the taproot to pop out.
  • Gentle – be cautious and gentle if checking your seeds, treat them gently if you want to move them. Never touch their white root if possible, the taproot is the most fragile and it can easily break.
  • Plant Knuckle Deep – the germinated seeds don’t have to be put too far under its growing medium if you plant the seeds, just around half an inch to an inch (1.3cm-2.5cm) under the surface of your growing medium is just enough. 
  • Plant Root Down – point the white root downwards in the growing medium to avoid the seed from having to rebuild itself.

3 Simple Ways to Germinate Your Seeds

If you want something more natural, well, these 3 simple ways are perfect for you!

Directly Germinate Seeds in the Soil

The most successful way of germinating cannabis seeds is by planting it in the soil that you want to grow in. Since the fragile root is protected by the soil, this method is perfect for making sure that your young seedlings have a minimal intervention. This is also the most natural method for growing marijuana plants. The right kind of soil is the first thing you have to make sure of when you want to use soil. You can use a fertilized potting soil (mildly) or a seedling starter, its pH must be around 6. This kind of solid can help your young marijuana plants to survive as it has spores and minerals. Do not add extra nutrients because potting soil already has enough nutrients for at least 2 weeks of the life of your plant. And if ever you add extra more nutrients, you might kill your seeds due to nutrient overdose. 

Push your finger in the soil to make a small hole that’s around 1.5cm deep, it is to prepare the soil for your seedlings. Put one seed in the small hole you make and cover it with the soil. If you have already germinated and the seed grows a root, place the root facing downward. When you’re done covering the seeds with the loose soil, don’t mess with it anymore. If you want to water your seedlings, you can use a plant sprayer to moisten the soil and put the pots just under your growing lights. Do not place it in the windowsill because the temperature is unstable enough for germination. The temperature of the solid must be 72° Fahrenheit or 22° Celsius which is easy to have with lighting. Make sure your soil stays moist so keep monitoring it. You must start seeing stems from the solid within a week. Transplant your plants in a large pot or container with the stems far from its surface, it is only if your plants are around 2 to 4 inches tall. Your cannabis plants will now grow many roots that would support it for the rest of its life. 

Germinate Seeds in Water

Germinating in water may seem to be a bad idea, as there’s a lot of water and light than suggested if using this method, but it actually works! It is 90% effective! The trick here is to not leave your seeds in the water for too long. It only takes 24-28 hours for the seeds to show their tail, but you can leave them soaking for around 7 days without worrying. Germinating in water makes sure that there’s the right amount of moisture to start germinating. It could help crack open the shell of the seeds if done for just a short period of time. Germinating in water shortens the procedure by making it easier for your plant instead of pushing them in the soil. 

In germinating in the water, you must fill a glass with filtered water and let it reach room temp for a few hours. The temperatures must be around 65° Fahrenheit or 18° Celcius. Do not add extra nutrients. Drop 2-3 seeds in the water and watch for any changes. You can refill the glass with fresh water every other day while keeping its room temp. The seed must begin splitting after 2-4 days. If the roots are around 3-5mm long, you can already place your cannabis seeds in the solid at any point, they must be planted already!

Germinate with Paper Towel or Cotton Pads

Germinating with a paper towel or cotton is another easy way to germinate your cannabis seeds. This is just an easy way of doing it because the paper towel or cotton pads could maintain the moisture of the seeds and your seeds can be protected. Make sure that your paper towel and cotton pads are planted single-ply just like cloth ones might be the reason your roots grow in the towel. 

In germinating using cotton pads, place a few cannabis seeds between 2 cotton pads and moisten it with a plant sprayer. Place the cannabis seeds in the middle of the 2 paper towels and place the towel-cushioned seeds in the middle of plants, when using a paper towel, under an upside-down bowl or a plastic container. Keep the temperature around 72° Fahrenheit or 22° Celsius, and don’t place the seeds on the windowsill because of its unstable temp. The cannabis seeds would then begin to crack open after 2-5 days, and a tiny root must occur. Place them in the solid if they’re 3 to 5mm or 0.1 to 0.2inches long.

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