Increase Your Sex Drive With These Marijuana Strains

best marijuana for sex

Some couples set the mood before sex by drinking a glass of wine or two. Some associate sex with chocolates and oysters. Other couples, however, turn to cannabis as an alternative. Sometimes alcohol, in large amounts can cause trouble, especially for men when it is time to perform. Marijuana, aside from its incredible medical properties, boosts sex drive. Although marijuana is known for its sedative qualities, it is also considered as an aphrodisiac. For centuries, in some cultures all over the world, marijuana is a folk medicine tradition to enhance sex drive. With just the right amount of consumption, cannabis can help you and your partner have healthy, pleasurable sex which can also do wonders for your physical and mental health. Studies show that marijuana can be incredibly effective in boosting sex drive when consumed in smaller amounts. A low THC variety is said to increase female sexual desire and pleasure. Small doses of light, energizing, and relaxing strains will get your partner in the right mood.

Before anything, it is important to consider tolerance and preference before mixing cannabis and sex. Choosing and consuming a wrong strain before getting intimate could turn a hot, sexy night into a disaster. It may take some time for you to determine what strains increase your sex drive and sexual sensitivity. Be patient and soon you will experience cannabis and mind-blowing sex adventure. Here are 5 of the best aphrodisiac strains that are known for their arousal boosting properties.

The Train Wreck comes in number 1. This strain is an excellent sex partner. Don’t let the name fool you, as this strain has the potential to make your sexual experience the best. Watch out for the surge of sex-induced euphoria. The train wreck is sativa dominant that gives a pure cerebral high perfect for sex.

Sour Diesel is another sativa dominant strain with a THC level that will heighten your sexual stimulation and pleasure. The effect of Sour Diesel is very uplifting and happy high that will make you feel like floating for spirited sex. This strain is the best for energetic rough sex.

Northern Lights is 3rd on our list. This strain is one of the most popular strains in the world. It is indica dominant that can take away all stress and anxiety before sex. Just go easy on this strain as it can cause sleepiness when too much is consumed.

Fourth is the Sativa Star. This strain promotes a long-lasting cerebral high that makes the user more creative, energetic, and a big boost in the mind. Perfect for long and hot sex as it is relaxing and who knows, you might see stars of ecstasy while having sex.

Last is Jack Herer. It is a hybrid sativa dominant strain that smells amazing as a bud. This naughty strain provides simultaneous relaxation and mental buzz. It is amazing for sexy times and steaming hot foreplays. It also keeps the mind active and creative which is best for a long night of lovemaking.

Remember, consumption of weed in small quantities prior to sex increases libido for the female. A study also showed that cannabis for a male is way better than alcohol. So check out the strains we have listed above for the best sex, love, and pleasure. It is time to intimately connect with your partner on a different level!

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