Let’s Take a Look at the 5 Strongest Marijuana Strains Today

strongest marijuana strain

There are many cannabis smokers out there who have been able to build up an insane tolerance to marijuana over the years. As such, many of them enjoy a very strong and pungent high when it comes to smoking marijuana. Because of this developing trend, marijuana seed breeders have made it a point to come up with some very powerful and hard-hitting strongest marijuana strain. The cannabis market today holds some very high THC-containing strains that are sure to get people feeling heavy-headed and bewildered.

Most of the strongest marijuana strains are known to contain a high level of THC. However, this is not the only factor that affects a marijuana strain’s strength. Many other things influence the hits of a cannabis strain such as the chemical composition and growing conditions. As a result, some of the strains on this list may display a slightly lower THC level than what you would expect. Regardless, these will definitely give you mind-altering highs that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Here are our picks of the Top 5 Strongest Cannabis Strains Today:


The Godfather OG is widely regarded as the strongest marijuana strain today. It is the current holder of the “Highest THC Level” award in 2020, making it a definite inclusion on our list. The Godfather OG is famous in both the recreational and medical sectors of the cannabis industry. It first originated from the West Coast, where OG strains are extremely popular. Many versions of Grandfather OG have been developed but perhaps the most famous variety is the result of crossbreeding the Triple X OG with some Alpha OG.

Godfather OG is definitely a marijuana strain for the more initiated smokers out there. It will easily overwhelm those who are new to the cannabis scene. It provides a very dank and pungent flavor that will taste like a mix of diesel and earthiness. As for its effects, the Godfather OG will give you a very heavy-minded smoke that will affect almost every inch of your body, leaving you quite immobile and dysfunctional for the first few minutes. Afterward, a sweeping sensation of euphoria will keep you calm and relaxed for many hours.     


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Undoubtedly one of the most beloved cannabis strains in the world and one of the strongest marijuana strain, Gorilla Glue will give users a mind-boggling high that will keep them stagnant for many hours to come. This comes from crossbreeding the Chocolate Diesel strain with some Chem’s Sister. Gorilla Glue’s strength and potency have allowed it to bag home multiple awards throughout the years, consistently being included in the High Times List of Best Marijuana strains for consecutive years now. It has an average THC level of 25% but some versions of it can reach up to a whopping 32%.  

Gorilla Glue is able to produce a very sweet and tangy flavor when being smoked. The sour notes blend perfectly with the subtle earthiness that Gorilla Glue gets from its parent strains. The effects may be slightly overwhelming for some. It produces a full-bodied smoke that clouds your entire mind with a foggy and trippy experience. The strong physical buzz combined with a vibrant wave of euphoria is what makes Gorilla Glue so famous. Despite being an extremely powerful strain, Gorilla Glue does little to induce a marijuana hangover the next day. In fact, it will leave you feeling refreshed and energized almost every time.


Known for being the strongest marijuana strain (before being dethroned by Godfather OG), Bruce Banner is a world-famous hybrid that can pack quite a punch in each hit that you take. It comes from crossing the Strawberry Diesel with some classic OG Kush. Famous for previously holding the award for the highest THC level in a strain, Bruce Banner averages around 27% to 29% of THC. It is a 60% indica dominant strain that mixes an array of sweet flavors with a very vibrant high. 

Bruce Banner gives off a very fruity and berry-like flavor. Its sweetness blends well with the herbal notes infused into it. While it does induce a seriously powerful effect, the pleasant tastes on the tongue balance it out very well. Bruce Banner will typically do little to induce a state of couch-lock. It is a very energizing strain, capable of enhancing a person’s mood with just one hit. The uplifting high will also impart creative juices into your brain, increasing your productivity throughout the whole day. It does, however, have the tendency to cause paranoia if too much is taken.


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This award-winning strain was able to take home the High Times Cannabis Cup during 2012. It is famous for supposedly being the first marijuana strain to have been blessed by a Rabbi, cited for being able to bring blessings and enlightenment to users. On a softer note, Kosher Kush is packed full of unique flavors that sets it apart from the rest. With just a THC level of 21%, it is one of the few marijuana strains that do not rely heavily on THC to induce extremely powerful and heavy effects.

Kosher Kush produces a very heavy-headed and sedating effect that can put even the most experienced marijuana smokers in a state of couch-lock. The strong buzzes travel all the way down to your toes, easing your body into a dreamy haze of relaxation and euphoria. It is ideal for nighttime use. Kosher Kush produces a very earthy and piney taste that is mixed with some hints of fruits. This gives it a very tropical vibe.


Often being dubbed as one of the most recognizable and famous marijuana strains in the whole world, Girl Scout Cookies combines flavorful tastes and amazing effects packed into one hell of a strain. With one of the most potent genetics out there, it comes from crossbreeding the renowned OG Kush with some Durban Poison. This indica-dominant strain will give users a deep sense of relaxation coupled with a heightened sense of happiness and euphoria. 

Girl Scout Cookies has a very diverse set of flavors at its disposal. It combines tastes of mint, chocolate, coffee, and spice into one. This gives it a very unique characteristic that makes it ideal for any audience. Girl Scout Cookies has a THC level that clocks in at around 28%. The extremely hazy and trippy cerebral high will make users feel as though they are floating through space. 

Well, there it is. These are our top picks for five of the best marijuana strains in the market today. If you wish to try any of these out, try visiting the website of Crop King Seeds. As one of the leading brands of marijuana seeds, they offer nothing lesser than the highest quality marijuana seeds that you will find anywhere. They accept various payment options such as Cash, Visa and MasterCard, and BitCoin. Canadian customers may also avail of Interac Electronic Transfers. What are you waiting for? Purchase your own set of weed seeds now!


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