Cannabis Strain Review Guide: LSD Marijuana Strain

lsd marijuana strain

Are you guys up for trying one of the haziest and mind-altering experiences that you can ever get from a marijuana strain? If so, then you should definitely look for some of the LSD marijuana strain. This strain, as its name suggests, is famous for the very trippy and disorienting sensations that you would typically get from it. Lysergic acid diethylamide, or better known as LSD, is a narcotic substance primarily known for causing hallucinations and alter your perceptions on things. With a marijuana strain named after it, you can bet that it is going to give one heck of a high!

The LSD marijuana strain, of course, does not contain any of the illegal substances and is purely organic. This means that it is capable of giving a high that is reminiscent of LSD’s mind-altering sensations without producing any of the negative side effects. Let’s do a little dive into this amazing strain and see what makes it so famous.

What is the LSD marijuana strain? Where does it come from?

The LSD marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a genotype of 55% Indica and 45% Sativa. The nearly balanced ratio gives this strain a wide array of uses for both the medical and recreational sectors. While not much is really known about the background of this strain, it is believed that the LSD marijuana strain first originated in Amsterdam, while its lineage can be traced back to Afghani descent. A couple of famous seed breeders in the Netherlands opted to crossbreed some original Skunk #1 with Mazar I Sharif, two very potent landrace strains that carry strong Afghani influences. 

While it isn’t the most winning strain out there, the LSD marijuana strain is still considered a fan-favorite among smokers in the USA and European countries. Its entry in the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup wasn’t able to take home first place but it did earn itself 2nd Runner-Up in the said competition. 

Appearance and growing information of the LSD marijuana strain:

The LSD marijuana strain displays a very classic Indica look which it gets from its parent strains. The leaves and stems of this strain emit a very dark green color. Growing it in slightly cooler conditions will also cause the plant to emit a subtle purple shade in its leaves and flowers. The marijuana buds grow into compact and popcorn-shaped figures, often being covered in tiny and glandular trichomes that are hard to see. Because of the density in its weed buds, growers should be mindful of the moisture and humidity level in their respective growing areas as too much may lead to the formation and development of molds. 

While it isn’t the most recommended strain to use for novice and beginner users due to the strong psychoactive effects, the LSD marijuana strain is a very easy and reliable strain to cultivate in your cannabis gardens. The high resistance to molds and insect infestations makes it a very durable plant to grow in both indoor and outdoor setups. Regulating the temperature to around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in both indoor and outdoor areas is ideal. Also, topping the colas every once in a while will allow the plant to spread evenly and maximize its full yield. The flowering period of the LSD marijuana strain usually takes around 7 to 8 weeks. This will be ready around early October. Also, the generous yields of the LSD marijuana strain will easily produce around 650 grams.

Flavors and aroma of the LSD marijuana strain:

The LSD marijuana strain brings a nice mix of savory and skunky smells to it. The strong notes of spice and herbs blend well with the subtle diesel-like aroma that you would typically get from Indica strains. Proper cultivation may also bring out some sweetness in the smell. 

As for its taste, the strong potency may come as a surprise to even the most experienced smokers. A sharp and powerful sting may hit you in your throat as you inhale the smoke, with coughing one of the most common effects of this strain. The taste will linger in your tongue, offering nice flavors of bubble gum and earthiness with each toke that you take. 

Common effects of the LSD marijuana strain:

Despite being an Indica-dominant strain, the psychoactive and mental effects of this strain are what stand out the most. This isn’t the case with most Indica strains. As you take your first few hits, you have immediately introduced a mood-enhancing feeling that takes over your mind. The THC level of 20% makes it one of the fastest hitting strains in the market. The disorienting high will leave users in a state of euphoria that boosts a person’s creativity and overall productivity. After the mental stimulation, the high then shifts to a physical stone that numbs a user’s movements. Strong sedation then overcomes your body, producing a very relaxing feeling.

The LSD marijuana strain also carries a CBD content of 2%. This gives it a lot of medical value for patients who are experiencing illnesses such as high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Because of the ability to conjure up both mental and physical effects, this strain can be taken at virtually any time of the day. Migraines, chronic pains, and body aches are also mitigated with this strain.

The LSD marijuana strain often brings a lot to the table for anyone who wishes to use it. Because of the strong psychoactive effects and disorienting feelings you get, this may not be a great choice for beginner smokers. However, if you are able to get over the rich potency that the LSD marijuana strain gives, then you are undoubtedly in for a great high. Visit Crop King Seeds to purchase your very own pack of LSD marijuana seeds today! They ship worldwide and offer only the most reasonable prices for their high-quality seeds.

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