Marijuana and Pregnancy : Equipped To New Learnings

marijuana and pregnancy

During pregnancy, some women use medical marijuana for relief from nausea and constant vomiting. Although there is no scientific evidence that marijuana is helpful in managing morning sickness, many women visit dispensaries for this purpose. Some women users opt to stop as soon as they learn that they are pregnant. Researchers remain unsure if the drug can affect the fetus. Because of this, medical experts recommend women to abstain from weed during pregnancy. And so, what is really the link between marijuana and pregnancy? Why is marijuana not advisable for pregnant moms?

Why Marijuana Is Not Advisable for Pregnant Moms?

In the past years, medical professionals were alarmed because of the increasing number of pregnant women using cannabis. During the course of the study, they were able to interview a new mom that claims she gave birth to a healthy baby and smoked marijuana during the first half of her pregnancy. She took cannabis microdoses using a water pipe to help relieve insomnia and nausea. But this is one woman’s experience and should be taken as universally applicable to others.

A lot of misconceptions persist in the topic of marijuana and pregnancy. Others believe that because medical marijuana is legal in most states, the drug must be safe to use while pregnant. Others believe that marijuana in all forms is dangerous and can harm the fetus. Just like alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, these substances can affect the unborn. The effects may not be immediate. It may also manifest sometime after they are born.

As we all know, marijuana or cannabis contains a chemical called THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is responsible for giving users high and euphoric feeling. This is also the chemical that makes marijuana addictive. When marijuana is used by smoking or through edibles, chemicals reach the fetus by crossing the placenta. A specialist in cannabinoid pharmacology believes that there is no safe level of marijuana consumption, as the chemicals may have negative effects. 

  • Research suggests an increased risk of stillbirth. Although this is not only about marijuana but including the use of tobacco and alcohol or other substances.
  • The exposure of marijuana substances to the fetus may disrupt further brain development.
  • Fetus with mothers using marijuana may be born smaller than those mothers who do not use it.
  • Marijuana, tobacco, other known drugs, and alcohol may increase the risk of preterm birth.

While marijuana consumption has effects on fetuses, there is also research that suggests some defects on children with mothers who frequently use marijuana such as learning and behavioral problems, lung problems, and mood changes.

In conclusion, doctors recommend against using marijuana during all stages of pregnancy. Marijuana and the levels of THC may vary. Depending on the strain consumed the frequency of use and amount consumed. That is the reason why it is hard to determine safe levels. Weed use during pregnancy has been associated with increased risks rather than advantages, in the fetus, as soon as it is born and during the early growing years. If you are pregnant or thinking of having a baby, maybe it is good to abstain for a while and be responsible for the development of the baby growing inside your body. While there are other factors to consider having a healthy pregnancy, it is always best to stay on the safer side for both the mother and the baby.

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