Marijuana Cigarettes and Iconic Joints

marijuana cigarettes

The mainstream acceptance for marijuana in Canada and many states in the United States will probably bring big business, if and when it happens. The legalization of marijuana is a controversial topic. Many countries have still not accepted its controversial effects, most especially when used for recreational purposes only. Have you ever wondered how much a pack of marijuana cigarettes will cost if and when it becomes available? Marijuana cigarettes will still need a lot of time and approval until it can come to life. For now, while the legalization of marijuana cigarettes are still shady, let us learn the methods used to make cannabis smokable.

One of the most iconic ways to consume marijuana is by the joint. It is also an awesome way to taste and enjoy the flavors of the flowers. But what is the difference between a joint, a blunt, and a spliff? With the use of rolling paper that comes in different sizes and flavors, it sure does make your experience pleasurable. Rolling papers are usually made out of flax, rice, and hemp. It is recommended to use organic as it can hamper the quality of the smoke. These papers also come in different flavors to match the strength and taste of the weed that is being used. Flavors ranging from bubble gum, apple, orange, watermelon, and many more can make any joint absolutely a next-level treat!

The joint is the most basic cannabis roll. It is made by using a piece of paper that is filled with grounded cannabis and roll into a straight tube shape. Remember not to grind your marijuana too fine. If you do not have a grinder, you can use scissors instead. Take your paper and even fill it with the ground weed, distributing it evenly will prevent it from becoming a fat belly joint. If you prefer to use a filter, now is the time to place it at the end of the paper. For an average joint, you will need around ½ gram. Pack down cannabis by rolling it back and forth securely. By now it should start to look like a joint. Roll the unglued end upwards and start the actual rolling. Use a pen to push the weed down the opposite end and lick the paper to seal it. You can also use a joint roller that can be purchased. It is a machine with the same concept.

Blunt is another method of making a joint using a tobacco paper. Some use an emptied cigar casing and filled with cannabis. Cigar casing is usually dark brown in color and has thicker material. The reason why blunt is also popular is that you can personalize it depending on your taste. Choose a cigar of your liking, empty the contents, remove the filter, and with the use of paper, roll the blunt while twisting the ends to keep it all together when finished.

Spliff is a regular marijuana roll that is filled with a combination of cannabis and other dried herbs. This is known as a hybrid because it is part of tobacco, part cannabis. They are rolled, same as the joints, and often include a filter. Spliffs are predominant in European countries.

Although joints, blunts, and spliffs have a lot of similarities, they definitely give a different experience when smoking. Just learn the different techniques to give you a variety of ways to enjoy your cannabis. Preparation time may also vary and it takes a lot of practice to get the perfect joint.

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