5 High CBD Dominant Strains

marijuana strains high in cbd

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a known compound derived from the cannabis plant that has no psychoactivity related effects. Instead of getting a stoned, mind-altering high, CBD makes one feel relaxed with none of the intoxicating buzz. Since CBD offers a cool, relaxed feeling, it is highly recommended to use CBD dominant marijuana strains when treating patients for their stress, anxiety, and pains.

Marijuana strains high in CBD content are commonly used for medicinal purposes. Popular disorders that high CBD content aids are the following:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures


Harlequin is a Sativa dominant marijuana strain bred from several landrace strains, thus getting its name from the multiple strains of its origin. It contains a ratio of 5:2 against THC. The CBD content ranges from 6% to 15% as compared to its low THC content of 4% to 10%.

Instead of offering a mind-altering high, Harlequin provides relief from mild pain to chronic pain and reduces joint pain aches and stiffness. Its anti-inflammatory properties can alleviate neuralgic pain. This strain encourages the user to a maintained focus mentally. The several disorders it could treat makes the Harlequin marijuana strain a versatile medical option that could be used at any time of the day.


The cannabis plant in general has the potential to ease different types of pain. The relaxing effect brought by high CBD content marijuana strains has effects on both the mind and body.

ACDC has always the marijuana strain chosen by a lot of medical marijuana users suffering from pain disorders. it has a relatively low THC at 1% to 6% and a CBD level of 20%. Several awards have recognized CBD as having one of the high CBD strains for medicinal purposes.

The calming effect of ACDC makes the user forget any pain and discomfort. His whole body and nerves are relaxed to ease any aches suffered.


The limited psychoactivity effect of Charlotte’s Web strain is a major reason for this being considered one of the best marijuana strains high in CBD and primarily used for medicinal purposes. Its scent is musty along with some pine freshness aroma. Users have the tendency to feel soothed and focused making it a great alternative to treat patients suffering from anxiety, migraine, pain, and nausea.

Charlotte’s Web marijuana strain was named after Charlotte Figi, a young girl suffering from severe bouts of epilepsy. She was eventually cured by using only this weed for her medicinal treatment. This incident suddenly caught the population’s attention and the fight for the legalization of medical marijuana further gained strength. This paved the way for the legalization of medical marijuana in several states. This Sativa dominant hybrid is now commonly used as a medicinal treatment for residents in states with legalized medical marijuana use.


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Known as the painkilling marijuana strain, Harle-Tsu is one of the marijuana strains high in CBD. It has less than 1% THC content and 10% CBD content. Its scent emits an earthy, pine, and sweet citrusy flavors. it makes one want to take a stroll around the forest in the morning. It is said to be a breed from the Harlequin and Sour tsunami.

Harle-Tsu, a slightly Indica dominant hybrid, has a very distinct CBD to THC ratio of 20:1. This high CBD content is best suited for medical marijuana users. to treat disorders related to pain and inflammation. This marijuana strain high in CBD has users claiming they feel happy when they use it. It also makes you relax to the point that you drift into a blissful sleep.


Named after the activist and CBD expert, Lawrence Ringo, this slightly Sativa dominant strain has a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1. A product of crossing ACDC and Harle-Tsu, it emits an aroma and taste of earthy tones. Users claim to experience deep relaxation while having continuous waves of cerebral activity.

It gives a hint of being high, but not excessively high. A slight buzz feels starts in the head and moves down to the whole body, calming your tired aching body. It is a very popular strain for treating medical disorders such as arthritis, anxiety, stress, PTSD, and chronic pain, to name a few. Ringo’s gift gives you that soothing relaxation but keeps one’s mind alert.


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