The Best Marijuana Strains of 2020

top 10 marijuana strains

We feel that it is an appropriate time to write about this topic, The Top 10 Marijuana strains of 2020, because of one word – Pandemic. This global catastrophe kept most of the world anxious, and afraid.  People had to hide in the safety of their homes (most of them) and if ever they had to leave their homes, it was for the basic necessities.

This constant fear had people trying to cope with reality and this is where weed sales have drastically risen over the past several months. Some did it to relax their nerves, others did it for medicinal purposes, most did it to forget what is happening, and all did it to get high.

With this being said, here are the Top 10 marijuana strains for the year 2020 (in no particular order).


This sticky resin strain is considered legendary having won several awards including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995. Its effects give it a somewhat comforting feel that is great for stabilizing chronic pain. The Sativa component of this weed gives its users a high that makes them still converse and focus in a calming way. This weed gives its users a comfortable high making them able to function well. This is due to its 20% THC content.

White Widow can be grown both indoors and outdoors with an average yield of approximately 500 grams and 700 grams respectively. After 8 to 9 weeks in the flowering stage, this weed produces buds that are whitish as if dipped in powdered sugar, thus its name.


This powerful strain was named after the Hulks alter ego. Its effects are immediate and give the user a gentle ecstasy which is well adapted for creative work and relaxation. Medicinally, it is widely used as a pain killer and a soothing agent for anxiety and ADHD. Bruce Banner was among the most potent strains in 2009 and won First Place in the Denver Cannabis Cup.  Its dense buds give is a high 30% THC content and a relatively low CBD content of 0% to 1%. 

This plant usually takes 65 to 70 days before it could be harvested and normally grows up to 6 feet tall. This plant usually has bright green leaves and buds with tiny orange hairs. However, with their strong limbs, these plants could be trained indoors to promote a widespread growth rather than an upward growth.


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Fire OG emits a very distinct lemon aroma. Considered one of the most potent OG strains. This weed is perfect for sleep disorders as it usually produces a relaxing state. Its instantaneous effects give out a feeling of happy bliss and are perfect to bring out the creative instincts of the user. This strain usually reduces anxiety, chronic pain, and it a great cure for depression. Although its THC content is at 20%, the extra punch it gives due to its genetics makes it a sought after weed. Fire OG is a cross between the San Fernando Valley OG Kush and the OG Kush. This plant is frequently used for insomnia, anxiety, nausea, joint pain, and migraines. Although low in CBD content at 1%, Fire OG is primarily used for medicinal purposes.

Due to its sensitive nature, The Fire OG is not a beginner’s plant since it is prone to molds if exposed to too much rain. Constant pruning is also required to bring out huge yields.


The Train Wreck, which is known to give the user a blissful, lazy, and contented feeling, is widely sought after due to its high Sativa content but with Indica characteristics. This plant supposedly got its name when the brothers who bred this plant had to uproot their new strain due to a nearby trainwreck.

The Train Wreck, due to its calming and relaxing feeling is usually used to treat chronic pain and joint stiffness. This strain has been in the market for quite some time now. Developed in the ’70s, it is a cross between a Mexican, afghani and Thai strains.  

Since this plant has a dominant Sativa strain, the Train Wreck can grow up to a maximum of 10 feet tall. Its flowering period is usually 8 to 9 weeks. This plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors and yields an average of 700 grams per plant.


Gorilla Glue #4 got its name since it excretes whitish sap when trimming its buds. This strain has won several awards and was developed by GG strains. This strain gives its users a feeling of heavy relaxation. It was described as giving the user a “sedating full-body high”, this uplifting effect usually promoted blissfulness and sleep, thus making it an organic alternative for treating anxiety, insomnia, and depression. One of the best top 10 marijuana strains.

The best Top 10 marijuana strains is Gorilla Glue #4 that highly sought after due to its high ave. The THC content of 28% with some growers claiming to have as high as 32% THC content. However, its low CBD content averages only 5%.  The most perfect ratio of Sativa and Indica content was due to the breeding of Sour Dub, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem Sis. This plant is quite fast-growing, thus requires regular trimming and prefers dry, warm weather. Lastly, this plant is quite resistant to disease.


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Chemdog #4 has been used primarily for medicinal purposes. Considered a “heavy hitter”, its effects are long-lasting with a tendency for users to be couch-locked. However, the creative juices of the user usually come out due to its euphoric and relaxing nature. This strain is usually the primary choice for organic medicinal users in treating nausea brought about by chemotherapy and anorexia.

The Chemdog #4’s high THC content, at 28%, makes it the sought after strain for relaxation and sedation. Its 0% CBD content makes this strain not advisable for users seeking medicinal treatment.

Chemdog #4 plants can grow to as high s 7 feet tall and favors humid conditions. It, however, is susceptible to mildew but highly resistant to pests and molds, thus it is not recommended for beginners. Constant pruning of the plant is also required to produce as high as 850 grams per yield.


San Fernando Valley OG Kush (SFG OV) is favored by most organic medicinal users and long time cannabis users, due to its potency. Users usually feel very relaxed and happy with this strain. The relaxing nature of this strain also makes the users feel tired and stress-free. Thus making this strain an alternative treatment to insomnia and anxiety. The sedative nature of this strain usually makes the user couch-locked.

Known as a “quick and heavy hitter”, has a THC range from 22% to 25%, but with less than 1% CBD content. Bred from the strains San Fernando Valley and Afghani, this is heavily Indica dominant strain.

The buds are quite dense and resembles and algae-green color, which usually has a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks and Yields up to 500 grams


This famous strain was created in 2003 by Ken Estes in California. Its buds are an intense purple in color which tends to grow very dense. Grandaddy Purple hits you fast but then slowly fades into a calming, whole body relaxing mood.  The soothing quality of this strain makes it a good choice for pain management and it also addresses problems on anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

This Indica dominant strain has an average THC content of approximately 16% to 24%. It has a low CBD content but this strains relaxing nature makes it ideal for calming the nerves down and pain relief.

Grandaddy Purple is a result of the cross between Purple Urkle and big bud. This plan is for the more experienced growers as its buds are very vulnerable to molds. This short and stocky plant is ideal for indoor setup.


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This short and pudgy looking plant was renamed by the famous Snoop Dog after it was originally named green Cush. Dog’s reason for renaming this plant was due to the boost of energy it gives. Users claim to get that buzzing feeling and that jolt of excitement once consumed, making it an appropriate strain for those seeking out their creative juices. 

THC content is at a maximum of 25% but its boost of energy is what consumers look for when purchasing this strain. Its CBD content ranges from 3.5% to 7%, making it a “popular strain among those who are treating chronic conditions with CBDs.” 

It takes approximately 7 to 9 weeks for the Green Cracks flowering stage and then it produces tight, compact buds with orange hairs.


This multicolored strain has won several “Best in Class” awards and it is an immediate hitting strain wherein users claim to intoxicating, floating feeling. This strain is recommended for beginner users as the effect is quite subtle as compared to the other hard-hitting strains. However, subtle as it is, the user’s senses may be distorted at times.

Although the Zkittlez has a relatively fair amount of THC at 16% to 23%, its “low key onset” has made it a favorite among users who are starting to get used to the effects of marijuana. This strain has also enticed a lot of medicinal cannabis users are it is good at relieving chronic pain and it also induces the user’s appetite.

The Zkittlez plant is one of the best top 10 marijuana strains that can grow up to 6 feet with light green flowers and yellowish hairs. It is considered an easy plant to grow.


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