What to Remember and Keep in Mind when Ordering Marihuana Seeds Online


Purchasing pot seeds online is not as easy as purchasing dresses or shoes online since as a pot buyer, you have to be reminded of your safety since the item that you are ordering and asked to ship is not an everyday product that is allowed to be possessed by any one and anywhere. Asking your marihuana seeds to be shipped to your house needs a lot of privacy and secrecy, because if not done properly and privately, issues regarding safety may arise. Listed below are some reminders regarding ordering and asking the seeds to be shipped to your location from an online marihuana shop.

Hold your horses. Never talk about your purchase. 

To ensure your safety, you must control your mouth and do not spill about your marihuana purchase. Be sure that you do not post any hints or ideas about your pot orders on instgram, facebook, twitter and any other social media sites since making the public know may harm you and your privacy. It is always best to not to let anyone know about the delivery of seeds even if that person is your best friend or neighbor, unless you need them as connivance.


Look if the online marihuana store offers discrete shipping terms. 

There a lot of online marihuana store that can provide you quality seeds and good customer service, but sometimes, they forget that the buyer needs a discrete shipping term. To ensure and intensify your safety as a marihuana online buyer, ask a chat support service if they have shipping terms that comes discretely. If chat support is not provided by the online store, it would be best to look for reviews about the shop’s shipping term. It is best that the seeds are delivered to you in a discrete manner so that it will not gain the attention of your neighbors.

As much as possible, do payments anonymously or discretely.

It is best advised that you purchase your marihuana seeds and pay for the shipping cost using bitcoin, an online currency, because this is a direct payment from the marihuana buyer to the marihuana seller. The bitcoin account has a public ledger and the privacy of the person is secured due to the fact that payment comes in codes and anonymously.

Do not order in bulk.

Though you will save money in this way, be minded that the customs inspects suspicious heavy objects so it is better that you buy your seeds in sets.


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