Why Mix Different Marijuana Strains?

mixing marijuana strains

Each strain has its own phytochemical composition; a special combination of terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, and other constituents. These molecules play both significant and subtle roles in deciding the nature of psychoactive or non-psychoactive encounters. Breeders design new strains by choosing special genetics of marijuana varieties and breeding them together. However, cannabis smokers can also combine the properties of each variety by actually smoking them together. For farmers, the experience may also be an opportunity to see what a hybrid between two strains might be like. In this article, you learn about mixing marijuana strains the methods that you are looking for.

Two Effects Mixing Marijuana Strain that is Better than One

Thousands of cannabis strains available mean that thousands of different combinations have to be experimented with. For example, combining two powerhouse strains could increase your mental activity before work. Similarly, it could help you melt into your bed at night by blending two fascinating varieties. You can mix apparently opposite highs into one experience as well. It can help take the edge off by adding a subtle strain to a potentially daunting range. Vice versa, you could be stopped from sleeping past noon by a bright Northern Light combined with a heavy Triple G. 

Tame the High Ones 

When cannabis smoking is overdone by any cannabis users, it can cause an unpleasant time to smoke too much high-THC cannabis, but adding high-CBD extract will tame the high and take it down a notch. As a result, THC’s psychoactivity is in part mitigated. Essentially, CBD high prevents THC from attaching to CB1 brain receptors by enhancing endocannabinoid production. Via this, we mean that the results are smoothed out and cooled down, not reversed or removed entirely.

Is the High of One Cannabis Stronger than two Cannabis Strains? 

We’re sure you’re curious if your high would really be higher if you mixed strains, given how much we’ve been talking about it. Well, that depends entirely on the objectives you’re looking for, and how committed you’re to achieving them. The method needs some creativity, and it is key to trial and error, but the payoff can be amazing. 

Perhaps more than striking an optimal cannabinoid balance, choosing a good terpene blend will be about finding your desired high. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that underpin the cannabis plant’s signature scents. About 40,000 compounds have been found scientifically where they are responsible for the alluring scents of flowers, trees, and fruits. About 200 terpenes are present in a cannabis plant. These molecules show a variety of effects in humans, apart from having tantalizing tastes and smells. To modulate the high-a phenomenon known as the entourage effect[2], they also synergize with cannabinoids. Some terpenes produce more of a stunning effect, while others are more intellectual and relaxing. To make exclusive cocktails and modulate your elevation, you can combine cannabis strains based on their terpene material.

How to Mix Cannabis Strains

Throwing two cannabis strains together without much thought, despite being a shot in the dark, could work. In order to achieve a more tailored effect, you should think about each cultivar’s cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Ideally, both strains add something that the other doesn’t bring to the mix. 


Cannabinoids are the principal influence underpinning each elevation. High THC levels, for example, will elevate the experience and make it increasingly psychoactive. Generally, the effects of THC are euphoria, pleasure, increased mood, and appetite, although it can also induce feelings of nervousness and paranoia. CBD, however, does not yield an elevation. Instead, there is encouragement for a clear-headed experience that relieves anxiety and brings peace of mind. That’s a huge part of what people know, but there are over 100 other cannabinoids in the plant. Most of them are still not really understood, but researchers have begun to look at  CBC, CBN, CBG, THCV, and many others in a much closer way. If you get your hands on some high-CBC or high-CBG genetics and see how it affects the overall results, consider adding the strain alongside your current favorite. Smokers, if they want more CBN, will leave their buds to recover for longer and allow the THC to break down.


When blending strains, two reasons to concentrate on terpenes are the taste and its effect. Strains with varied terpene profiles lead to a more diverse range of flavors. Terpenes also modulate the elevation, so when blending cultivars, take this into account. Linalool and limonene both offer tangy and zesty citrus flavors, and the pair will significantly enhance any mix’s fruitiness. Both earthy and deep, Pinene and humulene enhance each other and offer refreshing traces of forest walks. Another excellent pair are Caryophyllene and myrcene; both terpenes are peppery-perfect and spicy ideal for edible dishes. 

Sativa or Indica

Conventional wisdom says that Indica plants have a more stoning and physical high, while sativa plants provide an energizing head high. However, advances in cannabis research have shown that things are more complex than this. In fact, researchers propose that we stop classifying cannabis into cultivars and instead categorize them according to their chemovars (cultivated varieties) (chemical varieties). Morphologically, Indica and sativa strains can differ. Indica strains are bushy and grow thick-fingering leaves. Sativa strains are tall, lanky, and grow thin-fingered leaves, in contrast. As a part of it is very important to the mixing marijuana strains as blended of its whole appearance as the Sativa and Indica. 

This change makes sense, as the chemical composition of the same strain can differ widely due to environmental factors and phenotypical variation. This new method will allow the characteristics of unique specimens to be determined. Despite the evolving research, evidence suggests that indica and sativa cultivars have higher levels of some terpenes in certain cases. You can effectively balance out the stoning or relaxing effects of each one by playing around with strain combinations. In the conclusion, you will able to learn fully about mixing marijuana strains it is a very important method to discover and tackle.

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