Cannabis Strain Review Guide: Zkittlez Marijuana Strain

zkittlez marijuana strain

Cannabis smoking is an activity that would fit practically any given occasion. If you delve into the market for weed, then you might be surprised as to how many different types of strains there actually are. They come in all sorts of varieties with different flavors, effects, highs, and many more. Now, with hundreds of different strains to choose from, how exactly would one pick his/her ideal strain? just like the Zkittlez marijuana strain.

Well, if you are looking for a marijuana strain to satisfy your sweet tooth, then the Zkittlez marijuana strain is undoubtedly the one you are looking for! Named after the delicious and vibrant candy that has brought so much joy to kids and adults alike, the Zkittlez marijuana strain will also give you sweet bursts of flavor with each hit that you take! You’d be left wondering if there really is a rainbow in your mouth. In this article, we will discuss the background of the Zkittlez marijuana strain as well as see why it is so beloved by cannabis users. 

What is the Zkittlez marijuana strain? Where does it come from?

The Zkittlez marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that comes from crossbreeding the Grape Ape and Grapefruit hybrid strains, two very potent and fruity parents that explain where the sweetness and tanginess of Zkittlez come from.  While the origins of this strain are widely unknown, it is believed that this strain first came from the West Coast where a couple of Californian seed breeders experimented on different hybrids which eventually led to the creation of Zkittlez. 

Because it isn’t overly potent, this strain is the perfect go-to if you want to chill out and have a very subtle high. It carries a THC level of 15% and a CBD level of 1%. The Zkittlez strain has been a crowd favorite for many years now, often gaining constant praise for its Mello yet tantalizing highs. It is no stranger to awards, as well, having been able to rack up a number of accolades ever since its introduction to the market. Among these, the most notable ones would be placing first during the 2015 Cannabis Cups in both San Francisco and Chicago. Additionally, it gained top honors during the 2016 Emerald Cup, which further established its status as a premium marijuana strain.

Appearance and growing information of the Zkittlez marijuana strain:

The appearance of the Zkittlez marijuana strain resembles that of most Indicas. It’s planted grows up to a very short height, often reaching about 2 to 4 feet. Furthermore, the thick and sturdy branches do well to support the buds that grow atop each cola. The leaves of this strain emit a very bold and solid shade of green. If cultivated in slightly cooler conditions, leaves will begin to show subtle hues of purpleness. The buds, however, also give off a very striking appearance that is unique to this strain. They glow a very vibrant light green that combines well with the purple color, giving it a very fruity and tropical appearance. These buds also tend to develop a very thick and frosty layer of trichomes.

Seeds for the Zkittlez marijuana strain aren’t that easy to come by. People would often buy them only in local weed dispensaries as they aren’t made available in online seed bank shops. As such, it is quite common for the Zkittlez marijuana strain to be cultivated using clippings and clones. This means that it is quite a durable plant that can be grown quickly and reliably. While they aren’t choosy with regards to their growing environments, it is best to keep them under hot and tropical climates during the day. Outdoor growing will work the best for this strain as the temperature drops during the evening can help stimulate the terpenes which bring out the purple hues of this plant. The Zkittlez marijuana strain will take around eight to ten weeks of flowering time before being ready for harvest. Also, expect large yields of around 600 to 650 grams.      

Flavors and aroma of the Zkittlez marijuana strain:

The main attraction for the Zkittlez marijuana strain is the undeniably pleasant scent and flavor that it imparts. Upon breaking up the cannabis buds of this strain, you are immediately hit with a strong rush of sweet and fruity notes. Of course, this is followed up by a string of sour notes mixed with an earthiness that you would get from almost every marijuana strain. 

As you start smoking a joint of this wonder, your mouth begins to fill with bursts of berries, lemon, and other hints of fruits. The strain produces a very thick and creamy smoke that travels down the throat quite nicely, not causing any irritation whatsoever. Sharp notes of oranges and citrus give it a nice finish as you sit back and wait for the high to kick in. 

Common effects of the Zkittlez marijuana strain:

The effects of Zkittlez marijuana strain can be felt almost immediately. It will hit you first in the head, giving you a subtle tightness around the eyes and a cottonmouth sensation. After a while, you will start feeling your senses being delayed and your mindset slightly altered. Before you know it, a dreamy and euphoric haze has already blanketed your entire mind, giving you a heightened sense of focus and productivity. Everything around you will seem 10x more interesting as you start coming up with creative ideas. At the peak of the high, you are left with a whole new way of seeing things. Although it isn’t nearly as overpowering as some other strains, it is recommended to take this strain in a comfortable environment as the trippy and mind-altering high can cause you to feel certain degrees of paranoia. 

Zkittlez marijuana strain is also a regular choice for medical patients. The psychoactive cerebral effects have made it very effective in dealing with symptoms of stress and depression. Once you start puffing away on this strain, your mind starts filling up with all sorts of ideas, giving it an advantage in treating PTSD. Additionally, heightened focus levels also mitigate the symptoms of ADHD. Overall, Zkittlez works wonders for anyone looking to get a productivity boost out of cannabis.

   And there you have it! Here is our review of the Zkittlez marijuana strain. Because of the very cerebral and psychoactive effects that it is able to produce, we suggest using this strain if you want to get down and trippy during the late part of an afternoon. There are a few ways in which you can get your hands on some Zkittlez seeds or clippings. Either way, they will surely grow into potent and chunky buds that prove a one of a kind high. Happy smoking!

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